Edinburgh’s longest-established non-continuously operating brewery

Brewery Tours

Our tours last 45 minutes, during which we’ll chat about everything from; the long and surprising history of Summerhall; the story of brewing in Edinburgh and how we fit in to it; as well as the actual art and science of brewing. We’ll also provide a led tasting of a few of our brews along the way.


Our tours cost £10 per person, last about 45 minutes and run on the following days and times:

  • Thursdays: 6pm
  • Fridays: 6pm
  • Saturdays: 1pm, 3pm and 5pm.


If you’d like to come find out more about Barney’s Beer please book your tour by clicking the ‘Book a Tour’ button below:

Book a Festival Tour (August)Book a Tour (not August)


Your tour will start from the Royal Dick Bar in the Courtyard of Summerhall. Entering through the main front entrance; carry on straight through the reception area back outside to the courtyard and you will see the bar in front of you.


Please note that this is a standing and walking only tour. If you have any concerns about access and mobility needs of any member of your group please email tours@barneysbeer.co.uk directly to discuss.


If you’re planning to visit in a large group of 10 or over please contact tours@barneysbeer.co.uk directly to discuss arrangements.