Edinburgh’s longest established non-continuously operating brewery

(originally established c 1705)

Craft beer from your  local microbrewery in Edinburgh. check our Cask, IPA and Lager beer.

Housed in a 1900s horse stable in one of Edinburgh’s quirkiest arts venues, Barney’s Beer set out in 2012 to modernise traditional brews and breathe new life in to them. While we still make the old favourites like Volcano IPA, Red Rye and Capital Porter; we also love experimenting and have a limited edition range offering everything from Sherbet pale & fruit sours and Marshmallow Milk Stout to high-end barrel aged brews and Belgian inspired ale.

Some of our Beers

Mini Casks

Barney's Beer Volcano IPA
Volcano IPA

Barney's Beer Red Rye
Red Rye

Barney's Beer Marshmallow Milk Stout
Marshmallow Milk Stout