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Welcome to Edinburgh's Spring Beer Box. The best of new 2024 beers and re-releases. Inside you'll find a cross section of the beer types including: seven new pales and IPAs and 3 different collaboration beers. If you were buying these beers individually in a shop the price would be considerably north of £50. Why not save the lugging of beers around and get this box delivered to your door for a bit less.

Here's the box line up in full...

Cold Town x Barney’s Raspberry & Coconut Pastry Sour 4.5%

Barney’s Caldera West Coast IPA 6.8%

Stewart Brewing x Good Land Brewing Oat Cream IPA 6.5%

Stewart Brewing x Brew Toon Mango Coconut Sour Lassi 5.5%

Barney’s Kvltvre Session Pale 4%

Cold Town Session Pale 4%

Moonwake 6 Hop Pale 4.8%

Moonwake Hibiscus Sour 4.2%

Pilot Red Session Pale 3.8%

Pilot Super Sub Session IPA 2.5%

Pilot Super Sub Session Blackcurrant Sour 2.5%

Pilot Cocoa Morello Stout 7.1%


NB as availability of these one-off beers changes even newer beers will be added to the box ENJOY!

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