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Edinburgh Craft Beers x 12 MIXED CASE

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Twelve cans of capital-craft.

For a city of around 600,000 souls Edinburgh produces an incredible variety and quality of craft beer from its twelve craft breweries.

Edinburgh has a strong brewing heritage and after the decline of the old breweries in the late 20th century we're currently enjoying a renaissance period. Admittedly we're bias, but arguably (per head of population) Edinburgh is probably the top brewing city in the UK.

This box contains the "beers that built the Edinburgh craft breweries". By that we mean, each brewery has a 'signature brew', or best seller.... call it what you will, this box contains what is widely regarded as the best-beer from each Edinburgh brewery.

A selection of a dozen freshest brews from: Stewart's, Barney's, Edinburgh Beer Factory, Otherworld, Newbarns, Moonwake, Cold Town, Bellfield, Jump Ship, Vault City, Campervan & Pilot.

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