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Edinburgh Beer Factory

Beer cans from the Edinburgh Beer Factory.

Located on the east side of the capital Edinburgh Beer Factory draws its inspiration from a wonderfully unexpected source – Eduardo Paolozzi, the “father of pop art”.

Paolozzi, who was born in Leith, was renowned for taking everyday objects and transforming them into works of art; he created sculptures from scrap metal, collages from magazine cut-outs.

When Edinburgh Beer Factory began in 2015 its goal was to do something similar by transforming that most commonplace of drinks – lager – into something sublime.

“Our first beer was our award-winning Paolozzi Lager,” says Emily Clarke, from the family-run brewery. “We felt no one had done much with lager.

“It’s largely mass produced, low quality, associated with laddish culture. But with a bit of time and expertise spent on it, it can be a very sophisticated, good quality drink.”

Edinburgh Beer Factory has since gone on to produce a wide range of successful craft ales, several of which have picked up gongs at the World Beer Awards.

But the focus on good-quality lager is what continues to set Edinburgh Beer Factory apart – a fitting ambition since Edinburgh was the first city in the UK to brew lager, way back in the mid-19th century.

And we have included a full-flavoured Vienna-style lager from the brewery’s new “Edinburgh” range as part of the mouth-watering selection of beers we deliver.

Eduardo Paolozzi, meanwhile, remains at the heart of everything that goes on at Edinburgh Beer Factory – from the artwork on its cans and bottles to his inspirational philosophy which seeps into everything they do.

“He was a very creative, outward-looking Scotsman,” Emily says. “He believed in taking everyday objects and turning them into works of art. He called it ‘the sublime in the everyday’.

“To us he represents an outward-looking, vibrant, multicultural version of Scotland.”

From day one Edinburgh Beer Factory has worked closely with the Paolozzi Foundation, making a charitable donation to it for every bottle or pint of Paolozzi lager sold. That money helps the foundation promote and preserve the great man’s work and support upcoming artists.

“Paolozzi is our muse, if you like, we share his values,” Emily adds. “For us, he represents the best of modern Scotland.”