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Barney's Kvltvre Pale - Single Cans

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Session Pale


Our go-to session pale is a celebration of hops and Norwegian farmhouse yeast. Triple dry hopped with Citra, Motueka and Mosaic and fermented using kviek voss, amplifying its tropical fruit flavours and rounding out it’s juicy, sessionable profile.

Grist: Scottish Extra Pale Barley, Torrified Wheat, Oats, Chit, Dextrin (GLUTEN)

Hot-side hops: Pilgrim T90, Mosaic T90, Centennial T90

Cold-side Hops: Citra T90, Motueka T90, Mosaic T90

Yeast: Kviek Voss

Hops fade. Drink fresh.

Artwork: Stewart Armstrong

UK units: 1.8

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